Round up
your team.

Streamline communication for your team, keeping everyone engaged to keep your company growing.

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Rodio is personal
and targeted.

Rodio was designed to work with your company’s framework. Messages are sent to the groups who need them, keeping everyone on the same page.

Rodio increases

When employees are engaged with the team, sales and performance increase. A happy team makes for happy customers.

Rodio is fun and easy
to use.

Send important updates, congratulate big wins, and share goals in one place. Rodio makes sense, and is intuitive. If you can send a text, you can use Rodio.

Bulletins connect your team.

Whether you’re checking in during a storm, or have a big announcement, bulletins let you send critical messages to your entire organization. Don’t worry about getting lost in an inbox ever again. Not sure if your messages are getting across? Rodio let’s you know if you’re getting through with clear reports showing which bulletins have been read.

One place for all work chat.

Rodio’s group chat feature lets you connect with your team in small groups, or chat 1 on 1. Group chat lets you stay in touch and target the people you most want to hear from.

Measure your engagement.

Rodio gives you the tools to measure the successes of your communications. You can measure and track who has received your bulletins, and who hasn’t, so you can make sure your team stays engaged and happy.